95 Filbert Synthetic Brushes

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  • The 95 Filbert by Neef is like all the others in the 95 series-a much sought after and imitated brush, but none can equal the superb qualities of the iconic Neef 95; great spring in the bristles and they hold their shape superbly time after time, the flat is a long handled brush-approx 30cm from end of handle to top of ferrule-with a flat ferrule and a square end.

    Bristle measurements, for an idea of size-

    The largest brush in the 95 Filbert Series, size 20, measures 5.2 cm from ferrule to bristle tips and 5.3 cm across, at the widest point.

    The smallest brush in the series, size 0, measures 1 cm from ferrule to bristle tips and 4 mm across.