Air Drying Clay Terracotta

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  • Reno Art Air Drying Clays are a versatile and easy to handle. This Terracotta Coloured Clay can be used for a variety of modelling and craft projects in the classroom, studio or home.

    Reno Art Air Drying Clays do not require a kiln to fire, they air dry and harden in around 48 hours. Appealing to beginners and professionals alike who may not have access to expensive kilns. Reno Art Air Drying Clay is ideal for hand-building techniques such as coiling, slab, pinch, score and weld.

    Air drying clays can also be used over armatures to build sculptures. Just knead the clay until its is soft - you may want to wet your hands to handle the clay and prevent sticking.

    Once dried it can be decorated with acrylic paint and varnished. You can also sand, carve and drill the clay allowing you to experiment with your creations. Any unused Reno Art Air Drying Clay should be sealed in a plastic airtight container to prevent drying out