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Travel Palettes-Art Toolkit

The Pocket and Demi Palettes

Compact, configurable, cute.

The Pocket and Demi Palettes feature a high-quality mixing surface, and a magnetic base to mix-and-match all four sizes of stainless steel refillable watercolour pans.

With four different sizes of stainless steel watercolour pans available, there are over 40 million possible permutations of pans for each Pocket Palette!

The Pocket palettes come in three different combinations, you can re-configure anyway you choose by buying extra pans!

The Demi-palette, which is half the size of our pocket palette comes in just one style, which you are also free to re-configure with our seperate, extra pan sets.

How will you arrange yours?

Mixing Palette

Featuring three large Mixing Pans, the Mixing Palette is the perfect way to expand the color possibilities of your Pocket or Demi Palette.