Since ancient times Ink has been used to produce images, text and design.

Tritec stock a range of Inks for the artist, including:

-Traditional Shellac based Ink, made by Sennelier, the range includes a black India Ink, made from lampblack, a type of soot, believed to have been one of the first colourants used in ink 

-Beautifully tinted Pinata & Couture Creations Alcohol Inks; making inks with the addition of alcohol is a relatively new and exciting innovation, the unpredictabilty of the medium and the effects that can be achieved have captured the imagination of many 

-Printing Ink, our Derivan and Speedball Printing Inks are perfect for both lino and block printing applications

-Art Spectrum Pigmented Inks, locally made richly pigmented inks for use in drawing, calligraphy, airbrushing and watercolour effects